Joint ill- Calf 0

Joint ill- Calf

Joint ill is an infectious disease to new born calf in which immunity is lowered. This condition usually occurs in 1 week to 1 month age of calf. Joint ill also known as navel...

Thelitis- Cow 0

Thelitis- Cow

Case Details Inflammation of the wall of the teat. Seen due to mechanical injury of teat cistern. Wall of the teat was thickened, hard to touch and painful. It felt like a dense vertical...

Septic Arthritis due to Mastitis 0

Septic Arthritis due to Mastitis

History Owner reported that there is bilateral swelling of both front leg since last 2 days. One examination of the animal, it was observed that the heifer was 9 month pregnant. The temp was...

Buffalo allergic mammilitis ? 0

Buffalo allergic mammilitis ?

Case of Buffalo allergic mammilitis. No history of trauma. Spreading from teat to teat. Treatment suggested Asthalin spray for allergic mammilitis with parenteral steroids (suggested by Dr. Prashant) Ulcerative mammillitis Ulcerative mammillitis is an...

Ivory – how to distinguish? 0

Ivory – how to distinguish?

Ivory is a hard, smooth, creamy or yellowish white substance obtained from mammoth, elephants, walrus, sperm whale, etc. It is composed principally of dentine that forms the tusk or teeth of these animals. The...

Sub mandibular lymph node abscess- Actinomycosis ? 0

Sub mandibular lymph node abscess- Actinomycosis ?

Case Details Localized abscess especially in the mandibular and throat region. No pyrexia or anorexia. Discharges was purulent creamy color. Pain to touch. Treatment Drain the abscess and start with antibiotics course (check sensitivity to...

Scabies in Rabbit ? 0

Scabies in Rabbit ?

Case Detail Rabbit with following lesions   Treatment Application of Benzyl Benzoate or Gamma BHC. Ivermectin 0.5 ml sc for 4/5 weeks Treatment suggested by Dr. Vinod P. R Suggested Further Reading:

Fly bite allergy ? 0

Fly bite allergy ?

Case Details Cattle: Pruritus, slight reduction in milk yield. Lesion spreading in nature. Diagnosis and Treatment Fly bite allergy. Treatment using anti-histaminics. External application with povidone iodine and if peeled off, apply turmeric paste...

Ascites in Dog (ectopic pregnancy) 0

Ascites in Dog (ectopic pregnancy)

Case Details A 7 years old spitz presented with enlarged abdomen and history of treatment of ascites with no improvement. The patient was weak and anorectic. Using ultrasonography, fluid filled sac was detected but could not...

Udder Impetigo- Cow 0

Udder Impetigo- Cow

About the case and condition This is caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Lesions are usually seen as small pustules (2-4mm) in the hairless spot at the base of the teats which spreads to the udder....

lab bred dogs – Testing cosmetics and other drugs 0

lab bred dogs – Testing cosmetics and other drugs

Using animals for testing new medicines or other products for human consumers is one of those problematic areas that even the most developed societies grapple with today though some countries—including those that form the...

Staphylococcal infection- Skin- Dog ? 0

Staphylococcal infection- Skin- Dog ?

Case Details Dermatology case. Treatment with antifungal and antibiotics showed no improvement. Dermatology test revealed Staphylococcal infection. On ABST (Antibiotic sensitivity test/ antibiogram), revealed wide margin sensitivity was shown for Cephazolin. Inj. cephazolin with...

Measuring stress using molecular tools 0

Measuring stress using molecular tools

Molecular level tools to assess body stress responses depends on type of stress. In general several molecules like Heat shock proteins (HSP-70 & HSP-90) and p53 value changes when animal are under stress. Most of molecular changes...

Veterinarians as leader 0

Veterinarians as leader

The concept and theories of leadership are continuously evolving because there is a growing body of knowledge that describes the leadership process. Leadership involves people being led, so there must be those who are...

Copper toxicity- Goat 0

Copper toxicity- Goat

History Case of Goat presented with a history of diarrhea, dullness,  inappetence and not consuming feed. Owner reported that animal consumed copper which was kept diluted in water for agriculture use. Treatment Inf metrogyl...

Dog Anaplasmosis ? 0

Dog Anaplasmosis ?

A case of labrador female  3 years of age. Diagnosis..? Snap test for anaplasma  positive. Dog shows the jerky movements of head (Azotaemia?). Kidney ultrasound looks normal and not much parenchymal changes observed. Size...

Neoplasm of Eye – Cattle 0

Neoplasm of Eye – Cattle

History Owner reported that growth was noticed in the eye of cattle persisted for more than 6 months. Examination confirmed cauliflower like growth  inside  the upper eye lid Treatment Animal sedated with inj Xylaxine-5ml,...

Acute Septic Pyodemodicosis- Dogs 0

Acute Septic Pyodemodicosis- Dogs

Case of Acute Septic Pyodemodicosis in Dogs. The dog has systemic illness. Treatment 1. Inj. Intacef tazo 562 mg s/c BID for 10 days (Ceftriaxone-Tazobactam) 2. Inj. Amoxirum forte 300 mg IM for 7...

Bilateral cryptorchid- Dog 0

Bilateral cryptorchid- Dog

History 5 yrs old Golden retriever, male, bilateral cryptorchid had repeated urinary tract infection and was hyporectic.. Examination Upon examination it was observed that the prostrate was enlarged. Decided to remove intra abdominal testis.....

Microscopic view of Blood Protozoans and Ehrlichia 0

Microscopic view of Blood Protozoans and Ehrlichia

THEILARIOSIS Theilaria annulata in HF Calf with history of high fever, blood in feces, lymphadenitis (parotid galnd) and lacrimation. EHRLICHIOSIS Microscopic view of E. canis (Dogs) A dog with the history of fever, coughing,...

Pemphigus vulgaris in Dogs ? 0

Pemphigus vulgaris in Dogs ?

Dog showing bull’s eye lesions in skin. Negative for mange and mites. Suspecting Autoimmune dermatopathy “Pemphigus vulgaris”. Differential diagnosis: Fungal infection. Suggested treatment : Tapered dose of corticosteroids Case provided by: Dr. Parvinder Kaur...

Squamous cell carcinoma of 3rd eyelid- Cow 0

Squamous cell carcinoma of 3rd eyelid- Cow

History  Cattle showing a mass  on the left eye for the last 3 months. The size of the growth is reported to increase day by day. Examination Severe lacrimal discharge noticed from the eye....

Retention of foetal membranes- Some practical info 1

Retention of foetal membranes- Some practical info

History Owner informed that animal calved the day before but  has not shed fetal membrane. On examination of the animal per vaginum, the external os only 4 finger relaxation and fetal membrane inside the...



Small holder goat production in humid tropical Kerala is being constrained by parasitism. Frequent blanket treatment of entire herd when there are few worms leads to anthelmintic resistance in the parasite involved (van Wyke,...

Congenital Tremors- Piglets 0

Congenital Tremors- Piglets

About the condition This is a sporadic condition seen in newborn pigs. Usually more than one pig is affected in a litter. If the tremors are too great for the piglets to find a...

Ear hematoma in Dogs 0

Ear hematoma in Dogs

History A boxer aged 10yrs was suffering from chronic left ear hematoma. Treatment General Anaesthesia was given. The animal was operated and cut opening was kept unsutured. Skin and cartilage are button sutured (on...

Mast cell tumour- Dog ? 0

Mast cell tumour- Dog ?

The clear demarcation, granulomatous appearance, non inflammatory, non painful nodule. Mast cell tumour..? Further diagnosis and treatment to be updated

General treatment protocol for Horn fracture- Cattle 0

General treatment protocol for Horn fracture- Cattle

Treatment protocol Cornual nerve block. Cornual nerve is the branch of lacrimal nerve which is the portion of opthalamic division of trigeminal nerve (CLOT). SITE: Lateral border of frontal boñe 1 inch below the...

Lateral Flank method- Panhysterectomy 0

Lateral Flank method- Panhysterectomy

Lateral Flank method is a minimal invasive Surgery. This method is a good and an ideal cosmetic procedure for sterilization of dogs whose girth size is less (10-12kg ). This is an alternative method...

Wasp bite- Dog 1

Wasp bite- Dog

History History of Wasp bite reported in a pup. Weight 1 kg. Case management Successfully managed the case  by administering adrenaline @ 0.3 microgram/kg/min IV infusion (1 mg adrenaline in 500 ml dw bottle-  2...

Clinical Cases in Cats (Struvites, maceration and fracture) 0

Clinical Cases in Cats (Struvites, maceration and fracture)

Struvites in Cat Case of struvites in male cat. History of straining while urinating. Flushing (with help of catheter) was not successful. Decided to go for surgical intervention. Struvites were extracted.  Cat is healthy...

Goat- The neglected ruminant 0

Goat- The neglected ruminant

Goats glorified as “future animal” is unfortunately the most neglected among ruminant species in our state. Goat rearing has manifold advantages and opportunities to serve as source of income for marginal and landless farmers,...

Warts in teat 1

Warts in teat

Warts mainly due to viral origin Treatment Rx-Anthiomaĺine 3mg kg b wt i/m for 6 times in 48hrs interval (anthiomaline have antiviral property) oint. Acyclovir applied externally. Thuja 200x 2ml given orally (sublingual) for...

Canine bilateral patellar luxation- Gr 4 0

Canine bilateral patellar luxation- Gr 4

Tibial crest osteotomy is an established extensile knee approach. Trochlear groove created without disturbing periosteum. Osteotomy of tibial crest, transposed slightly towards medial and anchored by K wire.  Picture shows the operation steps

Tapetum – the wonderful ocular mirror 0

Tapetum – the wonderful ocular mirror

Vascular tunic or uvea of the eye comprises three portions namely the choroid, ciliary body and the iris. The choroid is generally dark brown in colour, but an extensive area above the level of...

Peroneal nerve damage in Calf 0

Peroneal nerve damage in Calf

History Female calf calved 4days ago. Normal delivery.  The animal was active and alert during first 2 days. On third day, the calf showed  symptoms of dull and depression and avoiding suckling. Urination normal....

How endocrine systems respond to stress? 0

How endocrine systems respond to stress?

In general all physiological responses to stress are guided by enhanced pituitary- hypothalamic and adrenal activity to bring back the body homeostasis. Endocrine responses to these stressors are of two kinds which include emergency...

Cranial bone Osteoma 0

Cranial bone Osteoma

Case of Cranial bone osteoma A 9-year-old female non-descriptive dog presented to Amulya Pet specialty Clinic with a history of mass on the head. The owner reported that the mass was observed for last...

Panhysterectomy – Spitz Dog 0

Panhysterectomy – Spitz Dog

Panhysterectomy of a SPITZ DOG with history of PYOMETRA  &  AZOTEMIA (is a medical condition characterized by abnormally high levels of nitrogen-containing compounds such as urea, creatinine, vand other nitrogen-rich compounds in the blood)...

Acute Laminitis in equines 0

Acute Laminitis in equines

History A case of horse  showing recumbency  after an episode of lameness.  Physical examination revealed temperature of 103.6 deg. C, mucous membrane congested and animal on right lateral recumbancy. There was no colic signs...

Vitiligo in Buffalo 1

Vitiligo in Buffalo

History Skin patches for the past three months. Treatment Copper sulphate 8 GM orally once in a week up to 8 week. The condition is mainly due to copper deficiency. Abnormal skin and hair...

Ankyloblepharon condition in a Kitten 0

Ankyloblepharon condition in a Kitten

Ankyloblepharon is a congenital condition observed in the neonatal stage in which adhesion of the eye lid margins are  seen even after the normal eye opening period (of 10 to 15 days). History A...

Veterinarian, a Soft Target amongst Professionals 0

Veterinarian, a Soft Target amongst Professionals

A few weeks ago I came across some instances of the trending violence against veterinarians. In a national institute,  an elderly female dog with severe complications came to OPD of veterinary clinic and while...

Repeat Breeder in Cattle- Field Approach 0

Repeat Breeder in Cattle- Field Approach

The most common cases usually encountered by veterinarian is repeat breeder i.e. animal which are not conceived after inseminating for more than 3-4 times. Animal come to heat regularly within 20-21 days. Clear mucus...

Pregnancy Management of Dogs- Practical Tips 0

Pregnancy Management of Dogs- Practical Tips

1.Collect history of heat signs in dogs from the owner. For example ask whether bleeding , vulval region swelling , licking of genital area frequently was observed by the owner. 2. Never mate a...

Ovario hysterectomy  (Maceration) in Dogs 0

Ovario hysterectomy (Maceration) in Dogs

History History of a dog showing profuse bleeding from uterus since last 3-4 days. This was noticed after 40 days of normal parturition. Three live pups were borne and fourth one was a dead...

Congenital defect- Absence of penile urethra 0

Congenital defect- Absence of penile urethra

Congenital defect Doberman puppy aged 4months presented with a history of an wound over the lower abdomen. On examination, it was observed that this puppy doesn’t have penile urethra and the puppy is urinating...

Urinary obstruction- Buck 2

Urinary obstruction- Buck

Urinary obstruction Urinary obstruction is very common in ruminants specially in winter season as water intake is reduced and voided urine is not sufficient to clear internal urethra leading to deposition of epithelial cells,...

Caesarean Section in Cat 0

Caesarean Section in Cat

Indication: Queening signs started 6 hrs . before. Only the tail portion was visible outside. This cat was having a history of hip injury months before. Birth canal was too narrow &per finger manipulation...

Use of Triu B in cases of repeat breeders- DEMO 0

Use of Triu B in cases of repeat breeders- DEMO

Use of Triu B in cases of repeat breeders Procedure: Introduce Triu B intravaginally on zero day along with Busrelin injection 5 ml i/m. One 7th day withdraw Triu and administer the injection Cloprostenol...

Peri odontal disease in dogs 0

Peri odontal disease in dogs

History Breed: Spitz Sex : male / castrated Age : 7 years Came to the Amulya pet speciality clinic with symptoms of not eating properly and owner reports that animal do not consume any hard food including bones.  Lot...

Tumor in Dog 0

Tumor in Dog

Male dog presented with history of tumor for more than year. Clinical examination revealed pedunculated tumor just near to  angle of mandible. Surgery was planed for next day after overnight fasting. Induction was done using xylazine...

Intestine protrusion- SNAKE 2

Intestine protrusion- SNAKE

History: Injured snake. Intestine protruding out. Treatment: Anaesthesia (Ketamine and local infiltration with lignocain). Analysed the amount of injury by skin incision. Fixed protruded mass. Repositioned. Closed skin by horizontal mattress sutures. Snake recovered...

Mega- esophagus in Dog 0

Mega- esophagus in Dog

History: A case of megaoesophagus in German Shepherd dog (?). Age 7 months. Dog is fully active. History of vomition 15 min after taking the meal (for last one month). Intervention Barium study and...

Infectious kerato-conjunctivitis in cattle 0

Infectious kerato-conjunctivitis in cattle

History Cow showing secretion from eye. Lesions seen in skin.This could be a case of Infectious Kerato-conjunctivitis caused by Moraxella bovis. Transmitted by Musca domestica. Treatment Rx-amox + clox for 3day and amoxyclox+dexa subconjuctival for...

Leptospirosis in Sheep 0

Leptospirosis in Sheep

History Acute, sudden deaths seen in Sheep flock from B.Kodur mandal, Kadapa dist, AP state. Symptoms noticed were only icteric mucous membranes, temp 104F, non responsive to common antibiotics. Observation On PM examination, entire...

Diagnosis..?? 0


History The cow unable to sit for past 4 days. 9 month pregnant. Temp.= 105′ F.Eyes look  cloudy Treatment Day 1: Symptomatic. Berenil 20 ml , mifex 450ml & amoxirum forte 4.5 gms.  Fluid...

Surgical management of gastric dilation volvulus 0

Surgical management of gastric dilation volvulus

History German shepherd presented with gastric dilation volvulus. Dog was brought under emergency condition with severe ballotment of the stomach. Surgery After general anesthesia, Intubation was done . After opening the abdomen there was...

Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) in Dogs 0

Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) in Dogs

Condition: Medical Management of Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) History: Owner noted acute onset of abdominal distention with respiratory distruss after feeding. Gulping of food with aerophagia may be the reason Management 1. .Orogastric tube...

Mechanical Injury in Calf- Sclera rupture 0

Mechanical Injury in Calf- Sclera rupture

About the case: Rupture of sclera in calf due to mechanical injury Treatment: Wound washed with metronidazole. Festive D eye drops (4X a day). Benzathine penicillin 48 L I/M Picture

Chemosis in Goat 0

Chemosis in Goat

About the case: A case of Chemosis in Goat. The animal shows edema of conjuctiva. May be due to irritation, dust, allergic or rubbing on tree. Treatment: Washed with clean water. Applied Betnesol N...

Chemosis in Dog..? Entropion..?? 2

Chemosis in Dog..? Entropion..??

History Pup, 5 months, lab female, sudden onset.. Bilateral blepharitis. Intra-ocular pressure high Images Day 2: Case follow up:- Swelling has reduced. Dog can open the eyes. Day 4: Case follow up:– Treated with...

Case of  capped knee in Horse 0

Case of capped knee in Horse

History Five years old horse brought to hospital with history of hard mass near elbow joint. Clinical examination revealed a case of capped knee Image Follow up and treatment -to be detailed in next...

Lymphoid Leukosis 0

Lymphoid Leukosis

Post mortem of Poultry. Age 18weeks…Lesions in intestine and spleen Dr. COHEART @ Vets Weekly Desk Suggested Reading and References:

Can Stress be Measured? 0

Can Stress be Measured?

Measurement of level of stress is very important to differentiate good and bad stress. But the stress and its effects are so complex that accurate discrimination of Eustress and Distress is quite difficult with...

Immunohistochemistry – an overview 0

Immunohistochemistry – an overview

Immunohistochemistry is a technique for localization of cellular or tissue constituents by using labelled antibodies through antigen-antibody interactions, which is then visualized by a marker such as fluorescent dye, enzyme, radioactive element or colloidal...

Systemic acidosis (?) 0

Systemic acidosis (?)

This cow taken mangoes epicarp. Ruminal fluid comes out in mouth. Develops systemic acidosis. Diarrhoea. Blood is very thin. Seems very anemic. Then how to proceed without fluids???? Dr. COHEART @ Vets Weekly Desk...

A case of Accident in Dog 0

A case of Accident in Dog

A stray dog met an accident from vehicle and had lacerated wound leading to exposed radius and ulna. Case was presented after a week to hospital. On first day wound debridement was done under...

Malassezia.? 0


Female pup 6 months hyper pigmentation with no lichenification. No itching… Suspecting malassezia infection. Vets Weekly Desk: Suggested Reading and References:

Lower Jaw Swelling 1

Lower Jaw Swelling

History Case of swelling on the lower jaw of boxer of 2 years of age. Treatment: Drain and lavage with Betadine and Metronidazole. Needle aspiration. Image Vets Weekly Desk: Suggested Reading and Reference: