Congenital defect- Absence of penile urethra 0

Congenital defect- Absence of penile urethra

Congenital defect Doberman puppy aged 4months presented with a history of an wound over the lower abdomen. On examination, it was observed that this puppy doesn’t have penile urethra and the puppy is urinating...

Urinary obstruction- Buck 2

Urinary obstruction- Buck

Urinary obstruction Urinary obstruction is very common in ruminants specially in winter season as water intake is reduced and voided urine is not sufficient to clear internal urethra leading to deposition of epithelial cells,...

Caesarean Section in Cat 0

Caesarean Section in Cat

Indication: Queening signs started 6 hrs . before. Only the tail portion was visible outside. This cat was having a history of hip injury months before. Birth canal was too narrow &per finger manipulation...

Use of Triu B in cases of repeat breeders- DEMO 0

Use of Triu B in cases of repeat breeders- DEMO

Use of Triu B in cases of repeat breeders Procedure: Introduce Triu B intravaginally on zero day along with Busrelin injection 5 ml i/m. One 7th day withdraw Triu and administer the injection Cloprostenol...

Peri odontal disease in dogs 0

Peri odontal disease in dogs

History Breed: Spitz Sex : male / castrated Age : 7 years Came to the Amulya pet speciality clinic with symptoms of not eating properly and owner reports that animal do not consume any hard food including bones.  Lot...

Tumor in Dog 0

Tumor in Dog

Male dog presented with history of tumor for more than year. Clinical examination revealed pedunculated tumor just near to  angle of mandible. Surgery was planed for next day after overnight fasting. Induction was done using xylazine...

Intestine protrusion- SNAKE 2

Intestine protrusion- SNAKE

History: Injured snake. Intestine protruding out. Treatment: Anaesthesia (Ketamine and local infiltration with lignocain). Analysed the amount of injury by skin incision. Fixed protruded mass. Repositioned. Closed skin by horizontal mattress sutures. Snake recovered...

Mega- esophagus in Dog 0

Mega- esophagus in Dog

History: A case of megaoesophagus in German Shepherd dog (?). Age 7 months. Dog is fully active. History of vomition 15 min after taking the meal (for last one month). Intervention Barium study and...

Infectious kerato-conjunctivitis in cattle 0

Infectious kerato-conjunctivitis in cattle

History Cow showing secretion from eye. Lesions seen in skin.This could be a case of Infectious Kerato-conjunctivitis caused by Moraxella bovis. Transmitted by Musca domestica. Treatment Rx-amox + clox for 3day and amoxyclox+dexa subconjuctival for...

Leptospirosis in Sheep 0

Leptospirosis in Sheep

History Acute, sudden deaths seen in Sheep flock from B.Kodur mandal, Kadapa dist, AP state. Symptoms noticed were only icteric mucous membranes, temp 104F, non responsive to common antibiotics. Observation On PM examination, entire...

Diagnosis..?? 0


History The cow unable to sit for past 4 days. 9 month pregnant. Temp.= 105′ F.Eyes look  cloudy Treatment Day 1: Symptomatic. Berenil 20 ml , mifex 450ml & amoxirum forte 4.5 gms.  Fluid...

Surgical management of gastric dilation volvulus 0

Surgical management of gastric dilation volvulus

History German shepherd presented with gastric dilation volvulus. Dog was brought under emergency condition with severe ballotment of the stomach. Surgery After general anesthesia, Intubation was done . After opening the abdomen there was...

Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) in Dogs 0

Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) in Dogs

Condition: Medical Management of Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) History: Owner noted acute onset of abdominal distention with respiratory distruss after feeding. Gulping of food with aerophagia may be the reason Management 1. .Orogastric tube...

Mechanical Injury in Calf- Sclera rupture 0

Mechanical Injury in Calf- Sclera rupture

About the case: Rupture of sclera in calf due to mechanical injury Treatment: Wound washed with metronidazole. Festive D eye drops (4X a day). Benzathine penicillin 48 L I/M Picture

Chemosis in Goat 0

Chemosis in Goat

About the case: A case of Chemosis in Goat. The animal shows edema of conjuctiva. May be due to irritation, dust, allergic or rubbing on tree. Treatment: Washed with clean water. Applied Betnesol N...

Chemosis in Dog..? Entropion..?? 2

Chemosis in Dog..? Entropion..??

History Pup, 5 months, lab female, sudden onset.. Bilateral blepharitis. Intra-ocular pressure high Images Day 2: Case follow up:- Swelling has reduced. Dog can open the eyes. Day 4: Case follow up:– Treated with...

Case of  capped knee in Horse 0

Case of capped knee in Horse

History Five years old horse brought to hospital with history of hard mass near elbow joint. Clinical examination revealed a case of capped knee Image Follow up and treatment -to be detailed in next...

Lymphoid Leukosis 0

Lymphoid Leukosis

Post mortem of Poultry. Age 18weeks…Lesions in intestine and spleen Dr. COHEART @ Vets Weekly Desk Suggested Reading and References:

Systemic acidosis (?) 0

Systemic acidosis (?)

This cow taken mangoes epicarp. Ruminal fluid comes out in mouth. Develops systemic acidosis. Diarrhoea. Blood is very thin. Seems very anemic. Then how to proceed without fluids???? Dr. COHEART @ Vets Weekly Desk...

A case of Accident in Dog 0

A case of Accident in Dog

A stray dog met an accident from vehicle and had lacerated wound leading to exposed radius and ulna. Case was presented after a week to hospital. On first day wound debridement was done under...

Malassezia.? 0


Female pup 6 months hyper pigmentation with no lichenification. No itching… Suspecting malassezia infection. Vets Weekly Desk: Suggested Reading and References:

Lower Jaw Swelling 1

Lower Jaw Swelling

History Case of swelling on the lower jaw of boxer of 2 years of age. Treatment: Drain and lavage with Betadine and Metronidazole. Needle aspiration. Image Vets Weekly Desk: Suggested Reading and Reference: